Bitbucket Integrations - v7.1.1.1

With catWorkX Bitbucket Integrations for JIRA you can create repositories and branches in Bitbucket automatically in a workflow transition.

To use catWorkX Bitbucket Integrations for JIRA, you also have to install catWorkX JIRA Integrations for Bitbucket on your Bitbucket server. You can obtain the catWorkX JIRA Integrations for Bitbucket add-on as JAR file only directly from catWorkX.

To use catWorkX Bitbucket Integrations for JIRA, an application link between JIRA and Bitbucket is required.

At the moment, you can obtain the catWorkX Bitbucket Integrations and catWorkX JIRA Integrations for Bitbucket add-ons as JAR files only directly from catWorkX.

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