System Requirements

To use all features of the catworkx Post-Functions for Jira, you also have to do the following:

  • Create an application link from Jira to Confluence
  • Install the following apps on your Confluence server:
  • Make sure you have enabled Remote API in your Confluence configuration

    To enable Remote API, do the following as Confluence administrator:  

    1. To access the administration menu, select General configuration from the cog menu on the top.
    2. Select Further Configuration from the "Configuration" section in the sidebar on the left.
      The "Further Configuration" dialog is displayed.
    3. Click Edit to switch to edit mode.
    4. Enable Remote API (XML-RPC & SOAP).
    5. Click Save.

Supported Jira Version> 8.5



JAVA Vendor

Oracle JDK/JRE

Installing catworkx Confluence Post-Functions requires configuration changes on the Jira system. Changing the configuration can effect the running system. This can be – for example – the unintended appearance of issue types in the "Create Issue" dialog or the appearance of fields in the create or edit dialog. To avoid these side effects, you probably have to adjust your current configuration (e.g., replace the standard issue type scheme by a project specific scheme).

In any case it is recommended to install a new app on a test system first and check the critical dialogs.