[cwx] Jira Field Value Macro

This macro is used in the Update Field Values on Page action.

To create a page template in Confluence that includes the "[cwx] Jira Field Value" makro, do the following:

  1. Write your steady content and do the layout.
  2. To include content from Jira, you have to add the [cwx] Jira Field Value macro.
    To do so, you can use the Macro Browser.

    Or start entering the macro name after a curly bracket.
  3. In the macro frame, enter the Jira field you want to display. Use the replacement syntax to do this.

    In the "Add Template"/"Edit Template" dialogs for single issue templates and multi issue templates in the Issue Publisher template manager in Jira there is a small question mark icon in the top right corner.

    If you click the question mark icon, a help page is displayed that lists the replacement syntax for your Jira fields (including all your custom fields).

  4. To edit the Jira field macro, click it and select Edit from the pop-up menu.
    The "Edit ‘[cwx] Jira Field Value’ Macro" dialog is displayed.
  5. Enter the following information:
    • Issue: Leave it blank. The issue ID of the current issue will be used.
    • Field: Enter the ID of the field you want to print out (e.g., key, description, customfield_0815).

      Normally the "Field ID" will be identically to the $!fieldHelper.getValueAsString parameter you entered in step 3. You have to enter the information here a second time to be able to update the value later.

    • Format: Select the format of how the field values are displayed. For example, URLs are displayed as links.
    • Format String: Enter the formatting string here when using date-format or number-format. For example yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm for dates and #,##0.00;-#,##0.00 for numbers.
  6. Finish content and layout.
  7. Click Save.
  8. If you want to use the page you created as template in Issue Publisher, do the following:
    1. From the More menu, select View Storage Format.
      A new window opens displaying the page content.
    2. Use copy and paste to copy the page content into the "Body" textbox of the single issue template or multi issue template.