Error while removing label


If due to updating a page or setting the page labels directly a label should be removed and this label only consists of digits, this will fail.

Additionally an error message like the following appears in the Jira log file:

2017-10-09 14:15:54,353 http-nio-10750-exec-3 ERROR admin 855x3089x1 1eb5aq0 /secure/PublishIssue.jspa [d.c.j.p.ipub.utils.ConfluenceUtils] [removeLabelFromContent] Error while removing label 456 from content with ID 4030465: Unsuccessful response


There is currently no solution for this. There is a known bug in the Confluence REST API, which prevents the deletion of labels consisting entirely of digits. Feel free to vote for/watch the corresponding issue CONFSERVER-54179 from Atlassian.