Mail Handlers

By default, Jira provides five mail handlers:

  • Create a new issue or add a comment to an existing issue

  • Add a comment from the non quoted email body

  • Add a comment with the entire email body

  • Create a new issue from each email message

  • Add a comment before a specified marker or separator in the email body

The catworkx Mail Handlers app extends the functionality of the first four Jira mail handlers listed above by the following:

  • Always use a default reporter for new issues even if the sender of an email is known.
  • Save email addresses (e.g., of the addressee or CC) in custom fields.
  • Send confirmation emails.
  • Map email addresses to components
  • Overwrite custom or system fields.

At the moment, you can obtain the catworkx Mail Handlers app as JAR file only directly from catworkx.

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