Configure Mail Handler

A detailed description about how to configure mail handlers can be found in the Jira documentation of Atlassian.

To configure the mail handler of Jira and select one of the mail handlers provided by catworkx Mail Handlers, do the following on the Jira server:

  1. Log into the Jira server as administrator.
  2. From the Administration menu, select System.
    The "Settings" dialog is displayed.
  3. From the sidebar on the left, select Incoming Mail in the "Mail" section.
    The "Incoming Mail" dialog is displayed.
  4. In the "Mail Handlers" section, click Add incoming mail handler.
    The "Mail Handler" dialog is displayed.
  5. Enter the requested information and select your mail handler from the Handler pull-down menu.

    The mail handlers provided by catworkx Mail Handlers are listed in the pull-down menu.
  6. Click Next to configure the mail handler: