No Application Links are listed during the configuration of the custom field

Please configuration Application Links by navigating to the Admin Area (cog-icon on the top-right) and then select "Applications" followed by "Application Links" under "Integrations".

Configure an Application Link to a Confluence of your choice.

No Spaces are being listed while configuring the default value or while trying to set the value on a e.g. edit screen

This can have multiple reasons

Reason one

You have not properly set up the custom field.

Please see Configure Confluence Space Field for details.

Reason two

You have never created an OAuth Token for the configuration between Jira an Confluence. It may as well have expired or has been cleared after a software upgrade or due to a security policy.

Although you should see a notice when this happens, the notice is sometimes not displayed properly.

The easiest way is to actually attempt to link you any Jira Issue to a Confluence Page:

  • Choose the "More"-drop-down and select "Link"
  • If you administrator has correctly configured the Application Links for Confluence, you should see an item "Confluence Page" on the left.
  • Choose "Confluence Page"
  • The select "search for a page" below the field "Page URL"
  • This triggers the search dialog
    • In case you have multiple Confluence Servers connected you may need to select the proper server first.
  • If you are shown a message regarding "Authorization required to create an issue link ..." simply follow the instructions on screen.
  • Now you should be shown a drop-down boxes with Spaces from the given Confluence and you would be able to search for pages.
  • Simply cancel the dialog and now you are able, after reloading the form, to actually choose a Space to link.

Reason three

If you are unable to generate an OAuth token due to missing permissions on the Confluence server, please contact your Confluence administrator to grant you access.

Please bear in mind, that you might be able to login into Confluence but you may not have access to any Space therein, thus resulting in an empty list as well.

Reason four

If you see an error during the OAuth Token generation relating to the Confluence Remote API not being enabled, please contact your Confluence administrator to enable this.

If all of the above are not the case, the last reason usually is a timeout during the communication between Jira and Confluence.

This can be due to high server load, unusual slow connection between the applications or due to a timeout while trying to read information about too many Spaces in Confluence.

The list of Spaces presented in by the Custom Field is "cut off" at a certain point

A limit of maximum 1000 Spaces to be fetched is the default for the Custom Field.

Confluence itself may be configured to lower this limit even further.

From Version on you can raise the limit of maximum 1000 Spaces to a higher value that suits you.

Please configure the custom field context parameters as described here: Configure Confluence Space Field