Field History for JIRA

With catWorkX Field History you can count and display the number of value changes of a single custom or system field and the number of changes of all selected fields in total.

Counting value changes is not limited to a special field type. It also does not matter how the value of a field is changed:

  • By using an issue function (e.g., "Assign")
  • By editing an issue using the "Edit" button
  • By post-function

You can select the fields you want to count value changes for in the configuration of the add-on. The selected fields are marked by an "i"-icon in the issue dialog.

If you click the "i"-icon, a "Change History" dialog appears that displays by whom and when this field was changed.

At the moment, you can obtain the catWorkX Field History add-on as JAR file only directly from catWorkX.

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