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Jira provides only a rough support of release management with documentation. There is only a basic implementation of version management regarding process and data modeling available. It is difficult to extend this capability.

The approach of catworkx Version Management for Jira is to model a version as an issue. Managing issues is the strength of Jira.

The app provides all needed post-functions and validators. Using custom fields and workflows you can create your individual release management process.

Even when representing versions by issues it makes sense to use the rudimentary Jira version management as well. But this could lead into a double amount of work during the creation and a problem of synchronization later on. To avoid these inconveniences, catworkx Version Management for Jira uses a "version" issue as the controlling element for version management. Post-functions ensure that the creation and change of "real" Jira versions is done synchronously. To avoid that both versions diverge, Jira version management for the project is deactivated. To ensure feasible values for dates, validators are provided.

It is common to distribute tasks in software development among different projects. Normally this is controlled by a central version management system that ensures the same versions are used, published and archived. catworkx Version Management for Jira supports this roll-out scenario by distribution schemes in the version administration. Like for the security level, there is a menu provided in the version issue to select a distribution scheme. The other distribution approach, having issues and the version management for these issues in the same project, also is supported.

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