Provided Post-Functions

The following post-functions are provided by Issue Publisher for Jira:

[cwx] Publish Issue Function Using Operation

Create or updates one or more Confluence Pages from a single or multiple issue(s) using an existing operation. The operation must not require user input.

Required information:

  • Operation: Select the operation to be used.

    Only operations that are enabled and have the trigger post function are provided for selection here.

  • Filter: Select how to handle the filters (Project, Issue Type, Status and JQL) defined in the trigger(s) of the operation. Available options are:
    • Ignore the filters of the operation
    • Check the filters of the operation
    • Use a custom JQL filter
  • JQL Filter: Enter a JQL filter. Only when the current issue matches this filter, the post function will be executed. Changes made on the current transition will not be regarded.

    The JQL Filter input is only shown when Use a custom JQL filter is selected in the previous field.