Provided Features

To use the catworkx Workflow Analyser app, you have to have administrator permissions.

The most important feature of catworkx Workflow Analyser is the "catworkx Workflow Analyser" dialog. There are two ways to switch to the "catworkx Workflow Analyser" dialog:

  1. Via the "Manage apps" dialog. Do the following:
    1. From the Administration menu, select Apps.
    2. In the left column, select Manage apps.
    3. By default the user-installed apps are listed in the right frame. The catworkx Workflow Analyser app should be listed.
    4. From the app list, select catworkx Workflow Analyser.
    5. To switch to the "Analyse" dialog, click Configure.
  2. Directly via the System management dialog. Do the following:
    1. From the Administration menu, select Apps or Issues →Workflows.
      In the left column, there is a list entry labeled "Analyse Workflow".
    2. To switch to the "catworkx Workflow Analyser" dialog, click Analyse Workflow in the left column.


If you have a lot of apps installed on your system, the first way can be faster to find the catworkx Workflow Analyser app.

The main dialog of catworkx Workflow Analyser shows 3 elements:

  • Workflow pull-down menu. List of all workflows that are configured on your system.
    • You have the "virtual" workflow sets limiting the workflows to the respective sets:
      • All
      • All Active
      • All Inactive
  • Filter pull-down menu. Activate filter to hide the static standard post-functions used in all transitions
  • List of 7 tabs:
    • Conditions
    • Validators
    • Postfunctions
    • Step Properties (available since app version 6.4)
    • Transition Properties (available since app version 6.4)
    • Transition Screens (available since app version 6.4)
    • App Overview

Each tab displays an index of the selected item with additional information about usage and appearance.

If you move the mouse pointer on a line in the list, a pop-up window displays some more information about the list item.

All tabs allow to download the presented table as Microsoft Excel file. Therefor select Download as Excel at the top of the tab.

The structure of the Excel table is identically with the catworkx Workflow Analyser table. The tabs of catworkx Workflow Analyser are represented by different sheets.

For documentation purposes this Excel file can be stored externally (e.g., in Confluence).