Workflow Analyser

catworkx Workflow Analyser supports you to document your Jira processes.

Once a Jira system is set up, it could be hard to reconstruct the conditions, validators and post-functions of all workflows. What condition leads to which transition? Which validators are used? What post-functions are integrated? To answer all these questions beside the daily business can be challenging for the workflow developer. The consequence is, that the documentation of the set-up is skipped. Later on relevant information for adjustments is missing. This increases the probability of errors and the effort of fixing bugs.

catworkx Workflow Analyser generates tables for all issues where all relevant information for the workflow is listed. It reverences to the location, where conditions, validators and post-functions of a workflow are processed.

catworkx Workflow Analyser is only available for customers that have a service contract with catworkx. For them it is free of charge.

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Current Version only available for Jira 9 (warning)

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