catWorkX Push and Pull Favorites for JIRA - v7.0.11.2

The catWorkX Push and Pull Favorites add-on provides JIRA or project administrators with a functionality to externally control the users favorite lists regarding dashboards and filters. Filters and dashboards can be pushed and even withdrawn as users favorite periodically or on demand.

In fact the add-on provides you with three different modes:

  1. In service mode, JIRA administrators can specify a service which will run periodically to distribute shared filters or dashboards of a given user and/or group as favorites to all users being covered from sharing.
  2. In global manual mode, JIRA administrators can directly push and withdraw a selected filter or dashboard to selected users and/or groups individually.
  3. In a project specific distribution mode, project administrators can push project specific defined filters or dashboards to project role members.

In mode 2 and 3 an individual withdraw of filters or dashboards from users favorite list is also possible.

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