Change Log


  • Bugfix: App breaks issue view on all issues project tab


  • Allow configuration of fields displayed in the data panel   for relation and detail views


  • New version, because of broken upload for previous version


  • Added attachment changed event to eventpatterns
  • Added comment id to callback replacements (use: $commentId$)


  • Events are triggered immediately so you does not have to wait for the next job run.
  • Improvements on the transaction log
  • The executing user of a transition is additionally send to SAP.  


  • Jira 8.5 is now supported


  • added support for issutype names in mappings

  • bugfix for empty multi mapping

  • improved import and export of operation data: target fields are additionally searched by type and name on import

  • create operation does not throw errors if no matching project and /or Issuetype is found

  • made target fields editable for mapping entries

  • Improvement of Eventhandler "Edit" page

    • Projectselector fixed (missing "ALL" value)

  • use username instead of key in REST, fixed panel dataimport, fixed operation data export

  • added a maximum for operation task trials of 5

  • evaluate condition on findValue


  • Issue Actions create/update/transition on external events

    • Page to register incoming events and map them to operation schemes

    • Page to administrate operation schemes for incoming events

    • Page to configure field mappings for operation schemes

    • Page to configure value mappings for field mappings of corresponding mapping type

  • Panel for External Data

    • Page to configure tabs for the issue panel (Two Types)

  • Improvements to UI of multiple pages

    • Added create/edit page for event handlers

    • replaced table editor for accounts with a separate create/edit page


Initial version of the Teamworkx Connector for Jira app.