Teamworkx Connector for Jira

Teamworkx Connector for Jira implements a coordinated REST API to provide a unified interface for different applications. It further supplies new functionalities for issue events and can keep apart different accounts.

The Teamworkx Connector can be configured with different callbacks to notify third party applications about changes in Jira. Also third party applications can send events that are handled by the Teamworkx Connector for Jira.

TWX Connector

Key Features

  • REST API with coordinated json structure (i.e. SAP implementation from CAS)
  • Account management that allows to identify multiple clients
  • Tasks for issue events (currently only callbacks are implemented)
  • REST call service (a public Java class to be used by customer related apps)
  • Additional support of SAP Gateway interface and token based authentication
  • Time/sequence-correct and reliable event transmission

App Details

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