Event Handler Registry

Before you can use Teamworkx Connector for Jira, you have to register event handler.

The overview displays the data of the event handler:

  • Account (The account this handler is registered for)
  • Project (Only events in this project are handled )
  • Issuetype (Only events for this issuetype are handled)
  • Event pattern (These Patterns represents the general type of Jira events like issue creteated or updated)
  • Event (Specify the event that should trigger the handler or select ALL to allow every event matching the Event Pattern to trigger the handler)
  • Activity (Currently only CALLBACK is available)
  • Reference (This is a id that can be used to update a event handler by REST-API)
  • Modus (The modus specifies when the callbacks are executed. In async mode the callback will be scheduled all times. In sync mode the callbacks are executed when the Jira ebemt occurs and o nly scheduled if other events for the issue are already in queue or the first attemp fials)
  • Data (Which contains:)
    • Path
    • Method
    • Body

Do the following: