Transaction Log

The transaction log is used to check the latest events and actions that where handled by the Teamworkx Connector for Jira.

Log entries are stored in active objects, to limit these objects, only the entries of the last 7 days are stored. New entires will overwrite the outdated ones.

A Log entry contain:

  • Timestamp → When the event was handled
  • Status → Whether the event was a SUCCESS, DEBUG, WARN or an ERROR
  • Username → The user who executed handling of the event
  • Account ID → The account id the event belongs to
  • Message → Provides Information about the action that was executed and status information
  • Data → The JSON-data that was received from the external data source. This is expandable.

The Transaction Log can be filtered by:

  • Account: The account an entry was made for
  • Event: The event that triggert an action
  • Issue key: The local issue related to the entry
  • Object Key: The remote object related to the entry
  • Status: The result status of the executed action