Provided Post-Function

catworkx Auto-Summary provides a new post-function labeled "[cwx] Set Summary".

[cwx] Set Summary

This post-function sets the issue summary as specified by a format string.

Required information:

  • Format: Enter a text that is used as template for the issue summary. You can use variables to insert dynamic content. (Click on the question mark icon to get an overview of the supported variables.)

Field to function parameter mapping:

Pay attention to the order of your post-functions: If you want to use "[cwx] Set Summary" in the "Create Issue" transition (because you hid the "Summary" field from the "Create Issue" dialog), this post-function has to executed before other post-functions that use the issue summary and after post-functions that are needed to compute the summary text.

Do not remove the "Summary" field from the "Create Issue" dialog!