Tab "Configuration"

The "Revision Properties" dialog is used to edit the time periods between the escalation stages.

Click Edit to configure the following:

  • Escalation Period 1: Number of days before stage 1 escalation comes into effect
  • Escalation Users: User(s) to notify on stage 1 escalation
  • Escalation Period 2: Number of days before stage 2 escalation comes into effect
  • Date Format: Format of the revision dates
  • Default revision period: Period that will be added to today's date, if a new revision gets activated in this space.
  • Label for Auto Revision: A revision will be added automatically for pages saved with the label configured here. The saving user will be the reviser. It is also possible to a
  • Color picker fields: Colors for the different revision stages. A color picker provides a color palette to select a color.