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Wikis are a common tool with a great potential to become data tombs while time progresses. More and more companies are facing that challenge. In many cases a wiki gardner is introduced to the organization. Either as an additional function on the job or even, depending on the size of the existing companies wikis, as a whole new full time function at a company.

The Teamworkx Revision for Confluence app marks a page for resubmission. It ships with assignments to responsible users, notifications as well as a 2 phase escalation feature. For each page you could configure individual properties. Select a responsible user and the next due date for resubmission. An email notification will remind the responsible user about due dates. If nothing happens, the revision feature fire the first escalation phase. That could mean another user or even a group of users get notified about outstanding actions by email.

For each space, the dedicated space admin, could configure the revision default properties (i.e. users, escalation periods, assignees for escalation notifications, etc.). On top, the app provides the space admin with an overview of pages due for resubmission and totally orphaned pages. Per definition, totally orphaned pages are not resubmissioned after a defined due date. It will only change the status of the second escalation to phase.

There will be send no further notifications for all pages that are in the second escalation phase!

The Teamworkx Revision for Confluence app in helps your wiki gardner to keep an overview of outdated pages with the following features:

  • Enablement of a revision (automatically, by labels, retroactive)
  • Flexible resubmission mechanism on page level
  • Individual resubmission periods on page level
  • Inbuilt, two step escalation
  • Adjustable escalation periods for spaces
  • Configurable reminder notifications for English and German
  • "Next Revision", "Outdated Pages (Revision)" and "Pages Under Revision" macros

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