Provided REST API Calls

The following REST API call is provided by catworkx Tempo Utilities for Jira:

Read the Jira REST APIs documentation if you have questions about REST API calls.

Get Users' Worklogs

This requests the worklogs of users.


The API request always has to be done from an admin user.


GET .../rest/cwx-tempo-utils/1.0/tempoutils/worklogs?userName=<user>&fromDate=<from_date>&toDate=<to_date>


  • <user> User account
  • <from_date> Starting date of the requested time period
  • <to_date> End date of the requested time period


GET .../rest/cwx-tempo-utils/1.0/tempoutils/worklogs?userName=admin&fromDate=2020-01-01&toDate=2020-08-31

Output Example

    "issueSummary":"Importand Issue",
    "customAttributes":"Traveling?=Passive Travel (plane, train)",
    "epicName":"This is an epic",
        "customfield_12200":"my first value",
        "customfield_12100":"my second value"