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During the daily work with the issue tracking system Jira Core, Jira Software or Jira Service Desk from Atlassian taking care of customer data can be a time expensive work above a certain issue amount. E. g. service-calls even for small problems need to contain the complete customer data. This could be name, company, address, customer number, callback number and a lot more.

catworkx Jira LDAP Customfield Mapper offers an search on an LDAP or Active Directory within the Jira application. The completion of customer data can make the issue creation process much faster, can save you unnecessary writing and prevent you from writing mistakes.

A new custom field types allow to search the entire configured search base on all mapped attributes (with CN if it is not already contained in the list). After selection of a result entry all configured mappings for custom fields will be filled if they are in the context and on the screen. Searching thru all mapped attributes means you can configure or use the search as you like.

Because you may want to use information provided by LDAP in your Jira statistics a second custom field is provided by catworkx Jira LDAP Customfield Mapper which allows right this.

In combination with the Enterprise Mail Handler for Jira (JEMH) app, you can fully automate your the process of adding address information from your LDAP or Active Directory server to the Jira issue. When getting a new email request a post function provided by catworkx Jira LDAP Customfield Mapper can trigger a search and the corresponding issue-enrichment based on the sender address in the background after the issue creation process. This means an email request will automatically create a Jira issue with filled in customer data of the LDAP or Active Directory, the subject as issue name and the mail text as issue description.

At the moment, you can obtain the catworkx Jira LDAP Customfield Mapper app as JAR file only directly from catworkx.

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