Card Detailed View

In the "Card Detailed View" module, you can select the custom fields to be displayd in the issue details on the right.

The card detailed view has 4 sections:

  • General Fields
  • Dates Fields
  • People Fields
  • Links Fields

If a custom field is empty it is not displayed in the detailed view.

If a section is empty or all custom fields of a section are empty the section is not displayed in the detailed view.

To add a custom field to a section, select the custom field from the according drop-down menu and click Add.

To remove a custom field from the detailed view, click Delete Field next to the field entry in the list.

To reorder the custom fields in a section, use drag and drop to move the menu item.

Additionally to the custom fields selected in the 4 sections, the issue summary and description is displayed in the card detailed view.