Use Cases

Some of the most important use cases for Matrix for Jira are:

Risk Consequence vs. Risk Probability


  • Dimension X: Risk consequence
  • Dimension Y: Risk probability
  • Score value: Risk Score (Calculated Number Field)
    • Fromula: consequence x probability

Costs vs. Benefit


  • Dimension X: Cost Range
  • Dimension Y: Benefit Range
  • Score value: Benefit-Cost-Ratio / Profitability (Calculated Text Field)
    • Formula: Benefit Range / Cost Range

Return of Investment vs. Strategic Value


  • Dimension X: Return of Investment
  • Dimension Y: Strategic Value
  • Score value: Demand Score (Calculated Number)
    • Formula: ROI x SV

Impact vs. Urgency


  • Dimension X: Urgency
  • Dimension Y: Impact
  • Score value: Priority Score (Calculated Text Field)
    • Formula: X + Y


  • Stakeholder Analysis: Interest vs. Power
  • Product/Portfolio Matrix for marketing planning: Growth vs. Market Share
  • The Eisenhower Method (for task management): Importance vs. Urgency