Use Dashboard Gadget

Matrix for Jira also provides a gadget for Jira dashboards. To add the gadget to your dashboard, do the following:

  1. In the gadget browser. you can find the Matrix gadget in the "Other" section.

    You may have to select Load all gadgets first to display all available gadgets.

  2. Select the Matrix for Jira gadget and click Add gadget.
    The gadget is added to your dashboard and the configuration options are displayed.
  3. Close the gadget browser window.
  4. In the Matrix gadget configuration, the following options are available:
    1. Select Matrix: Select the matrix to be displayed in the gadget.
    2. Display: Select the view mode of the matrix.

      Compressed viewNormal view

    3. Refresh Interval: Select how often the Matrix gadget is updated.