Teamworkx OTRS Integration for Jira is no longer available in the Marketplace

For more than 10 years catworkx has been connecting the world of Atlassian Jira with that of the service management tool OTRS. Since 2013, the Teamworkx OTRS Integration for Jira app has been available in the Atlassian Marketplace. Today, we have decided to no longer offer this app publicly.

In projects, we still see a lot of interest in linking Jira with service management systems. Naturally, our customers mostly rely on Jira Service Desk for this purpose. Nevertheless, we regularly receive requests to link other systems to Jira. Sometimes customers request a possibility to escalate service management tickets to developers working in Jira, sometimes different entities are simply working in different systems. The requirement is always the same: issues from one system should be linked to tickets from the other system.

But that is where the commonality in these projects ends. Which data should be synchronized, what should be visible in the other system and what should not, or how the service agents should communicate is different in all projects. In addition, for some years now, various forks such as kix, Znuny or OTOBO have joined the original OTRS, on which our integration was focused.

The spectrum to be mapped is simply too large for a product in the Atlassian Marketplace. We cannot guarantee that our app will be compatible with all the different use cases in all the different tools.

What does this mean for you?

If you successfully deployed the Teamworkx OTRS Integration for Jira app, nothing changes for you. However, the app will no longer be publicly discoverable in the Atlassian Marketplace. After today, we will also not make any further releases for the app. So, incompatibilities and bugs will no longer be fixed.

If you are using OTRS or a fork of it, and want to connect this system with your Atlassian Jira, then we will support you individually from now on: together we will work out what you expect from a connection of your Jira with your OTRS, kix, Znuny, OTOBO, ... and which interfaces we will use for this. The REST-APIs of the products, our Teamworkx Issue Publisher and finally the OTRS-Package as part of our old app offer endless opportunities! With our experience from the past years and the tools we have developed, there is hardly anything standing in the way of a successful project!

Feel free to contact us and tell us more about your individual environment and requirements:

Good to know | Background

Our old app expects the communication from OTRS, kix, Znuny, OTOBO and Co. to Jira to be managed entirely by our OTRS package. However, the already integrated capabilities of these systems often do not require that nowadays. Since these capabilities are not identical in the different forks, an individual configuration makes much more sense than an app that could only cover a small matching subset of functionalities.

To share information from Jira to other systems, our Teamworkx Issue Publisher is more suitable than our old app. Its flexibility opens further possibilities. In addition, Issue Publisher is already compatible with Jira Data Center and Jira Cloud.

Legacy Documentation

Click here: Teamworkx OTRS Integration for Jira