Teamworkx OTRS Integration for Jira

OTRS Integration for Jira no longer available in the Marketplace

Teamworkx OTRS Integration for Jira is no longer available in the Marketplace

Please see here for details: Teamworkx OTRS Integration for Jira is no longer available in the Marketplace

Service and development: Two worlds collide. Different systems and controlling of activities. Lack of interfaces. Misinformation and information loss. We know that out of our own experience well enough and recognize this as specialist for system integration frequently at our customers.

The improvement of the collaboration between service and development is a special challenge of developing companies. Often automatic issue transfer and the corresponding loss of media barriers leads to more efficiency.

Popular is the usage of OTRS for service and Helpdesk or Jira for development (especially for software-development).

The OTRS Integration for Jira consists of two parts. catworkx offers an integration functionality to transfer issues from one entity to another automatically accompanied with a synchronization functionally during the work on the issue. Comments and attachments receive a special role.

OTRS Integration for Jira allows data sharing between support agents working with OTRS and software developers working with Jira including automated issue creation, mapping of important field between tickets and issues as well as sharing comments.

Key features:

  • Create a new Jira issue from OTRS ticket

  • Link shared tickets

  • Map OTRS ticket fields to Jira issue fields

  • Synchronise fields on update

  • Bidirectional sharing of comments

  • Automatically resolve OTRS tickets by resolving Jira issues

  • Automatically close Jira issue by closing OTRS ticket

Package consists of two components: The Jira app has to be installed via Universal Plugin Manager (UPM). The OTRS package is available only from this site and be installed as a normal OTRS package. License check is handled from the Jira side.


The connector is compatible with:

  • OTRS from version 3.1 through 6
    • with and without ITSM
  • KIX versions 16 and 17
  • Jira from versions 5 trough 9.

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catworkx supports only the open source community edition of OTRS as well as non-pro version of KIX!

App Details

Supported Languages


Current Version

  • Jira App: (Change Log)

  • OTRS Package: 6.1.0

Filename Pattern

  • Jira App: otrs_integration-{version}.jar

  • OTRS Package: JiraPackage-{version}.opm

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