SEP sesam Backup for Jira

This Jira app is retired and is not be maintained anymore!!!

Preview Version - The World's First Backup and Recovery Solution for Jira Applications

You are looking for a reliable backup and recovery solution for Atlassian Jira Applications (Jira Core, Jira Service Desk and Jira Software)? With the world's first backup plug-in "SEP sesam Backup for Jira - by catWorkX" and the bundled SEP sesam backup server, administrators are able to protect and recover the whole Jira infrastructure including all plug-ins and settings consistantly. Creating individual staging systems, adapting the infrastructure to growing demands and much more now becomes reality.

SEP’s Hybrid Backup solution SEP sesam protects absolutely reliable any company data from medium-sized and large enterprises since 20 years and supports all virtualization platforms, operating systems, databases and applications - and now, SEP sesam is the world's first backup and recovery solution for Atlassian Jira Applications.

In addition to the "SEP sesam Backup for Jira" app, a seperate Linux-based SEP sesam backup server needs to be installed (also available as virtual appliance). This app license includes all necessary functionalities to perform consistant Jira backups.

Key Features:

  • Start SEP sesam backups and recoveries inside Jira Applications
  • Create customized clones for development and testing (change e.g. logo, colors, base-URL, server, port)
  • Get a full featured Bare Metal Recovery for physical and virtual servers
  • Fulfill your compliance requirements with a standardized solution
  • Benefit from continuous and resilient backup version history
  • Consistent backups and restores of all Jira databases and applications
  • Linux based Backup Server
  • Support of all common operating systems such as Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac and Novell NetWare
  • Disaster Recovery for Linux systems including dissimilar hardware
  • Numerous certifications for Red Hat, SUSE and Univention
  • Hardware and software independent
  • More than 20 years of experience in delivering reliable data backup solutions

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