Tab "E-Mail Template"

In the configuration dialog of Revision for Confluence, you can configure the email notifications that are sent to remind of pending revisions.

  1. Revision for Confluence supports templates for two languages:
    1. English: "EN (Default)"
    2. German: "DE"

    If your system language is not German, the English (Default) template is used.

  2. Enter a subject and message body.

    If you do changes in the subject or text message, the corresponding part is highlighted in yellow and a message at the top of the dialog indicates that there are unsaved change.

    The following variables can be used for common variable content:

    Due Revision$!{duerevisions}
    Overdue Revision$!{overduerevisions}
    Abandoned Pages$!{abandonedpages}

    Alternatively, you can add these information by dragging and dropping the items from the "Drag to insert" frame at the right.

  3. When done, click Save.
    To reset subject and text message to the default, click Default.