Request too large


When publishing large pages to Confluence, i.e. Jira project configurations with a lot of complex workflows, you may run into the following error:


In order to publish large pages to Confluence you have to, at least, reconfigure the Tomcat (Catalina) where Confluence is running on.

Please follow these steps
  1. Open your Confluence's / setenv.bat
    • If you are running under Windows as a Service you need to locate the Registry Keys instead (warning)
  2. Goto to "end" of the file where all the CATALINA_OPTS=... statements are located
  3. Add one line to that block:
    1. (Linux/Mac OS):
    2. setenv.bat (Windows in foreground):
      set %CATALINA_OPTS%
    3. Registry (Windows as a service):
      Depends on your exact setup, but you have to add

Depending on your environment it may be required to:

  • Increase the "" even further
  • Also reconfigure any forward/reverse proxy in between you and the Confluence itself

If you are running a Confluence Data Center, remember to apply the above changes to all nodes (warning)


Attempt to use a "smaller" template that does not include the details of the workflows:

  • jira-project-overview.vm
  • Or one of the two XLS exports (suitable for Confluence as well):
    • jira-project-to-group-and-user-xls.vm

    • jira-project-to-screen-to-field-xls.vm

This workaround can also be used to determine the general functionality, i.e. answering the question: "Does publishing in general works?"

Details about the above file(s)/Registry Keys: