Timout and Page ID problems


During the publishing of Jira Projects to Confluence errors are shown reporting:

  • (warning) No Remote Server or Parent Page ID could be determined from Page URL ...
  • (error) Error while updating page with ID ... java.net.SocketTimoutException; Read timed out


Please upgrade to the latest Version of the App


The problem usually arises from a Confluence server having not enough memory to withstand a lot of requests during a short period of time.

Increase the maximum allowed heap size for Confluence.

There are the following articles available addressing the memory settings for Confluence
  1. How to fix out of memory errors by increasing available memory
  2. Managing Application Server Memory Settings
  3. If the problem persists you might want the Confluence Administrator to check under
    "Admin" → "Content Indexing" → "Queue Contents"
    whether the Queue is actually idle or not
  4. It sometimes help to rebuild the "Search Index"
    • But bear in mind this might take a while
  5. You can always contact our Service Desk for further help.