Unreconciled Page


During the publishing of Jira Projects to Confluence errors are shown reporting:

  • (error) Error while updating page with ID ... Unable to save changes to unreconciled page ContentID.... Refreshing the page should fix this.


This usually arises when a draft of a page exists or the page's last revision has not been indexed yet.

Follow these steps to fix the above problem
  1. Open your confluence and navigate to the page with the displayed ID
    • You can usually do this by manually changing the URL in your browsers location bar to: <Your Confluence Base>/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=<page ID from error>
    • Or navigate your Confluence manually to the project's published page under your given parent URL
  2. Check the "Page History" listing whether your last publishing run did create a new version.
    • If missing, simply publish the single project to Confluence again
    • If the problem persists you might want the Confluence Administrator to check under
      "Admin" → "Content Indexing" → "Queue Contents"
      whether the Queue is actually idle or not
    • It sometimes help to rebuild the "Search Index"
      • But bear in mind this might take a while
  3. You can always contact our Service Desk for further help.