Change Log

2023-03-04 (Build version 5.0)

New Features:


  • Optionally put attachments in the trash instead of deleting them permanently in the Delete attachments from page step
  • Optionally skip the attachments and only copy/move the files from the operation storage in the Copy/Move attachments to page steps
  • Better performance when filtering Confluence attachments by their labels

2023-01-15 (Build version 4.6)

New Features:

  • Create a support zip containing your configuration and the audit log
  • Use the updated $confluenceHelper variable to get a space (including its homepage) by its space key
  • You can now access the space including its homepage from any other page


  • Support SVGs in PDFs
  • You can now use the $confluenceHelper variable in the (Parent) Page parameter of a step
  • Mark operations with an incomplete configuration
  • Show error for Confluence Cloud servers using the Jira URL

2022-10-24 (Build version 4.5)


  • Show triggering users in audit log

2022-10-14 (Build version 4.4)

New Features:

  • Optionally create new pages with full width

2022-05-27 (Build version 4.3.3)

Updated some dependencies

2022-05-06 (Build version 4.3.2)

Updated some dependencies

2022-04-01 (Build version 4.3.1)

Updated some dependencies

2022-03-08 (Build version 4.3)

New Features:

  • New step: Create a PDF file
  • New step: Create a text based file
  • Support bearer tokens, like personal access tokens for Confluence Data Center


  • Set the value of non-string fields, e.g. user and group picker fields

  • Use the time zone of the executing user to format dates and times

2022-02-11 (Build version 4.2)

New Features:

  • Automated execution of operations based on issue events

2021-12-11 (Build version 4.1)

New Features:

  • JQL filter for the Publish Issue Using Operation post function and manual operations
  • Optionally rename attachments when copying or moving them

  • Use the updated $collectionHelper variable to get new instances of different maps and set


  • Show link to variable replacement help page in relevant places

2021-11-05 (Build version 4.0)

New Features:

  • New step: Update field value macros on page
  • New step: Wait
  • Use an existing Confluence Page as template

2021-10-30 (Build version 3.1)

New Features:

  • New step: Delete attachments from page
  • New steps: Set page restrictions and Add page restrictions


  • Show number of processed attachments in audit log
  • Separate messages for the Create new page action in the audit log based on the Existing page behavior (i.e. if a page was created or updated)
  • Show validation errors in operations and their steps on the Manage Operations page (e.g. those errors that can be caused by sorting the steps)
  • Realigned "Publish issue" dialog

2021-09-09 (Build version 3.0)

New Features:

  • Manual execution of operations


  • Show the version numbers on the manage servers page


  • The link to show the usage of templates was not working

2021-07-29 (Build version 2.0)

Initial version containing these features:

  • Define single issue operations using one or more of these steps:
    • Create new page
    • Update (overwrite) existing page
    • Create new blog post
    • Create link to page
    • Update labels on page
    • Copy attachments to page
    • Move attachments to page
    • Copy attachments from page to issue
    • Set field value
    • Create a comment

    • Create web link

    • Send web request
  • Trigger your operations in the Publish Issue Using Operation post function
  • Use templates as the source for (some) steps:

    • Storage Format Templates to create or update Confluence pages, including these default templates:

      • Default Single Issue Template

      • Default Single Issue Template with Comments

    • Web Request Templates, including this default template:

      • Default Create Confluence Space Template
  • Use these variables in your templates to insert information from Jira:
    • $issue

    • $fieldHelper

    • $issueHelper
    • $userHelper

    • $confluenceHelper
    • $macroHelper
  • Audit log showing changes to the configuration and past executions of operations including success and error messages

  • Import and export your configuration

Note: This version was released on the Atlassian Marketplace on 2021-08-13.