Change Log

Version (2019-01-29)

  • New Feature: Access Riada Insight objects and their attribute values in a template with the new $insightHelper variable.
  • New Feature: Use a custom field (e.g. Issue Picker for Jira) to pre select the additional issues in a multi issue operation.

Version (2019-01-25)

  • New Feature: More configuration options for operations such as pre selecting the additional issues or what to do after creating a new page
  • New Feature: Advanced way to pre select the (parent) page in an operation
  • Bugfix: Unnecessary warning in log when getting server from legacy post function configuration

Version (2019-01-07)

  • New Feature: Export and import the complete configuration (restricted to system admins)
  • New Feature: REST API for all configuration items and the export and import of the complete configuration
  • New Feature: Access linked issues in a template with the new $issueHelper.getLinkedIssues, $issueHelper.getInwardLinkedIssues and $issueHelper.getOutwardLinkedIssues functions
  • Improvement: Better error handling
  • Improvement: Field Value Macros are now initialized when using the "Update (overwrite) existing page" action
  • Improvement: More efficient update of page labels
  • Compatibility with Jira 8 (Beta)
    (Note: The bulk operation "Create Confluence Page" is disabled in Jira 8)
  • Removed Feature: The Issue Panel Macro functionality has been removed. You can still view the contents of existing Issue Panel Macros, but not update them.

Version (2018-12-04)

  • New Feature: Use the new $projectHelper variable to retrieve projects by their key or ID in a template
  • New Feature: Use the new functions $issueHelper.getIssue(s) and $issueHelper.findIssue(s) to retrieve issues by their key/ID or to search for them with JQL
  • Bugfix: Publish issue action did not open in a pop-up after e.g. an inline edit
  • Bugfix: When the publish issue action is not opened in a pop-up after completion the user is redirected to an URL containing the context path twice

Version (2018-08-28)

  • New Feature: Access the content of the current page with $currentPage in your template. This can be used to update e.g. only the page title or the labels of a page. You can also append content to an existing page.
  • Bugfix: In the bulk operation Create Confluence Page there where no Confluence server selectable

Version (2018-06-16)

  • Fixed publish issue action not opening in dialog in Jira 7.10

Version (2018-04-16)

  • New Feature: Execute a post function or operation as a different user.

Version (2018-04-04)

  • Improvement: Updating Field Value Macros now works even after the issue key changed

Version (2018-03-29)

  • New Feature: Create a link to an existing Confluence page with the Publish Issue post function
  • Bugfix: Creating pages failed when they contained Unicode emoticons.
  • Bugfix: Creating a page failed when the used storage format template was completely empty.
  • Bugfix: When setting page restrictions the edit users and groups where only added to the view users and groups if both view users and view groups where set.
  • Note: There is also a new version of the Issue Publisher Macros for Confluence app available here.

Version (2017-10-19)

  • Bugfix: There was a problem while updating labels when using Issue Publisher or later with Jira 7.0.x and Jira 7.1.x

Version (2017-10-17)

  • Filtering for labels when copying attachments from a page now works with all supported Confluence versions (5.5 or newer) (was 6 or newer)

Version (2017-10-11)

Version (2017-09-28)

Version (2017-09-19)

  • Filter operations by project and issue type (before showing the "Publish Issue" link).
  • Attachments that are send to Confluence use the build-in versioning instead of appending a number to the file name.
  • Optionally use constant values (page ID, space key, page title) to find the parent page in the "Publish Issue" post function.
  • Add restrictions to Confluence pages via post function (dark feature).

Version (2017-08-30)

Version (2017-07-26)

  • Use the new function $fieldHelper.replace() in the templates to replace illegal characters before creating Confluence labels. This overrides the default behavior of removing all illegal characters.

  • Fixed the preview links not being created when the filename contains more than one period.

Version (2017-07-20)

  • When copying or moving files to Confluence non ASCII characters in the filename aren't replaced by question marks anymore.

  • Fixed the preview links not being created in certain situations (e.g. the filename containing non ASCII characters)

Version (2017-07-06)

Version (2017-06-29)

  • Rework of the "Template Help" dialog and "JQL Help" dialog
  • Use the issue comments in Confluence templates by $issueHelper.getComments().
  • New Default Single Issue Template with Comments, use this as an example on how to handle the list of comments.
  • Get the displayed value of a custom field by $!fieldHelper.getColumnViewValue(). Useful if the displayed value is different to the stored value (e.g., nFeed).

Version (2017-06-19)

  • Bugfix of the additional issues selection in the provided multi issues operations.
  • Improvements in debugging XML parse exceptions of the Confluence templates.

Version (2017-06-13)

Version (2017-05-23)

  • Add issue panels to your created Confluence pages and update only the contents of those panels leaving the rest untouched.
  • Replacement of the catWorkX JIRA Field Value Macro by catWorkX Issue Publisher Macros for Confluence.
  • Changed parameter order for workflows and operations.
  • Page names instead of URLs are displayed in the Publish Issue action dialogs.
  • Prevent a field value from being escaped using $fieldHelper.doNotEscape($fieldHelper.getValue("description")).

Version (2017-05-16)

  • The action "Move attachments to page" is able to create a link in JIRA to a preview of the moved attachment.
  • Wiki markup formattings in issue descriptions are copied to Confluence. Therefor the following variables are introduced.
    • $fieldHelper.getWikiMarkupValue("description")
    • $fieldHelper.getWikiMarkupValue($issue, "description")
    • $fieldHelper.convertWikiMarkup($fieldHelper.getValueAsString($issue, "description"))

Version (2017-04-07)

  • Consolidate all post-functions in one
  • New JQL condition to determine the execution of a post-function
  • New $additionalIssuesCounter variable to count the number of iterations on a multi issue page
  • "Move Attachments" is now an option within the post-function and not a single post-function
  • Create single pages for multi issues (one page per issue)
  • More than one link type can be selected to add additional issues in an multi issue post-function

Version (2017-03-23)

  • New feature: Show the parameters for the different post functions on the overview

Version (2017-03-22)

Version (2017-02-10)

  • Bugfix for XML parser

Version (2017-02-02)

  • Fixed possible error when updating the JIRA Field Value macro with an empty value
  • Fixed permissions not being saved when creating a new operation

Version (2017-01-09)

  • Added German translation

Version (2016-11-04)

  • Confirm button after executing a publish issue action to reload the JIRA page
  • Bugfix: Using an issue field containing "&" or "<" results in the Confluence page not being created

Version (2016-10-11)

  • Marketplace Licensing

Version (2016-09-26)

  • New "Publish Issue" action
  • New operations
  • New JQL filter for templates to restrict documentation generation to special issue types and projects
  • New default templates
  • Removed user and group restrictions from bulk operation
  • Use key of the current issue if the key is empty in the catWorkX JIRA Field Value Macro

Version (2016-10-07)

  • Bugfixes

Version (2016-09-23)