Leave Management

catworkx Leave Management supports the process of applying and granting leaves. The Jira modeling structure to use catworkx Leave Management is based on the following:

  • All employees have to be managed in a separate Jira project. This is important to ensure by the project's permission scheme that an employee can see only his own issue.
  • Each leave is represented by an issue in a separate Leave Management project. To simplify navigation, the employee issues have to be linked to the leave issues.
  • Each type of leave has to be represented by its own Jira issue type. But all these issue types base on the same workflow.
  • When applying for vacation, the amount of vacation days and the number of taken vacation days have to be considered. The sum of days for each absence type is stored in custom fields of an associated employee issue to manage leave entitlement. Public holidays are not counted for calculation of the number of required vacation days.

The app differentiates between the following kinds of leaves:

  • Vacation
  • Special leave
  • Sick leave

The app provides a collection of post-functions and validators to design your workflows. Using the project templates for the Employee and Leave Management project, the default configuration is can be done quickly. The creation of user issues is supported by a intuitive dialog.

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The OBR file also includes the app "Auto-Summary for Jira" from catworkx. The documentation of "Auto-Summary for Jira", you can find here.