Leave Management

catWorkX Leave Management supports the process of applying and granting leaves. The add-on differentiates between the following kinds of leaves:

  • Vacation
  • Special leave
  • Sick leave

The sum of days for each absence type is stored in custom fields of an associated employee issue to manage leave entitlement.

The add-on provides a collection of post-functions to design your workflows. The following post-functions are provided:

  1. [cwx-lm] Copy Assignee Function: Copies the assignee of an issue linked with an outwards link of a given link type.
  2. [cwx-lm] Create Worklog Function: Logs workdays to a specified issue.
  3. [cwx-lm] Leave Management Issue Link Function: Links a leave issue to the reporter's employee issue.
  4. [cwx-lm] Leave Management Set Summary Function: Sets the summary of an issue to <author> - <issue_type>.
  5. [cwx-lm] Send Appointment Function: Sends an email with an appointment invitation to the leave requester on approvement.
  6. [cwx-lm] Update Leave Record Function: Calculates the length of a leave period and update the leave record accordingly.

Also catWorkX Leave Management ships a validator:

  • [cwx-lm] Leave Management Vacation Date Validator: Ensures that the leave period is valid.

The JIRA modeling structure to use catWorkX Leave Management is based on the following:

  • All employees have to be managed in a separate JIRA project. This is important to ensure by the project's permission scheme that an employee can see only his own issue.
  • Each type of leave has to be represented by its own JIRA issue type. But all these issue types base on the same workflow.
  • When applying for vacation, the amount of vacation days and the number of taken vacation days have to be considered.
  • To simplify navigation, the employee issues have to be linked to the request issues.

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