Teamworkx Issue Picker for Jira (Cloud)

In Jira applications, you can use the "link" feature to represent a connection between two (or more) issues. Linking issues can be difficult for inexperienced Jira users. First, you have to search for the two issues you want to link and then you have to select one of the given linking types.

Teamworkx Issue Picker for Jira (Cloud) provides an opportunity to create Issue Picker panels for picking issues and displaying the result. These options concern:

  • Picking issues from a single or multiple select list represented as a drop-down menu with auto-completion
  • Configurable select list based on dynamic JQL and configurable display attribute
  • Link selected issue using a configurable link type
  • Display the selected issue(s) with or without the issue key
  • JSD Customer portal ready

Using Issue Picker for Jira, you can easily rebuild simple structures from the real world in Jira. For example a catalog that contains products or an offer with several article positions. On Service Desk, Issue Picker for Jira can facilitate the communication if the reporter is able to preselect the affected asset.

App Details

Supported LanguagesEN 
Current Version

1.2.0 (Change Log)