Confluence Auto-Permissions

The catworkx Confluence Auto-Permissions app is used to change the permission for pages and spaces in Confluence. You can configure one or more users or groups that ought to have view permissions on all spaces and pages. This can be a company owner, manager or administrator, who wants to have access to all pages in Confluence.

Another use case for the app is, if you want to search your Confluence content with an external search engine. The search engine needs an account (e.g., "isearch") on the Confluence system with general view permission to scan all Confluence pages.

Because a normal user will not care for adding view permission for specified users or a search engine user to each of his Confluence page, catworkx Confluence Auto-Permissions will care for adding this. Therefor the app provides:

  • A background job that fixes the permission every minute for all new or changed Confluence pages.
  • Graphical interfaces to fix the permission on a page, space and global level.

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