catworkx Configuration Importer for Jira

General Use Case

It is common test new Jira workflows, projects and other changes first on a test server before they are rolled out on a productive system.

Currently Jira supports only the rather trivial transfer of workflows, and even then manual labor is needed to fix them later on.

The catworkx Configuration Importer for Jira app enables the administrator to not only import anything he like but also keeps track of all related configuration elements.
You can import anything as complex as one or multiple projects or something simple like a status or a permission scheme.
You can import filters and dashboards as well as workflows including their layout, screens and custom fields.
Any item a Jira administrator can create using the standard user interface the catworkx Configuration Importer for Jira can import as well.

At the beginning of the import process, you can select the configuration elements you want to import.
The relation structure is analyzed during import.
Related configurations are selected automatically.
A "complete" project is the top most element that can be imported. But it is possible to import several projects with all of their configurations at one time.

catworkx Configuration Importer for Jira supports an manual and an automatic import mode.
In automatic mode configuration elements with the same name are mapped. Configuration elements that do not have an related element with the same name on the target system are created.
Only in manual mode you can map an configuration element on the source system to an configuration element with an different name on the target system. Also you can create a new configuration element with the same name on the target system in manual mode.

The manual mode is usually not worth using since it may take an extremely long time to step through all the wizard pages.

App dependencies are identified by catworkx Configuration Importer for Jira.

In case any apps are missing but are required for the import the catworkx Configuration Importer for Jira prevents an import until the problem has been fixed.
Due to the sheer amount of apps available only the required Java class name or OSGi module name will be reported.
(info) If an app is installed an enabled but unlicensed the import will continue albeit the app will probably not work as expected.
(info) If an app is installed but disabled the catworkx Configuration Importer for Jira treats it as "not installed".

At the end of the import process, all import steps, configuration element creations and configuration element mappings are displayed and available as a XLS download.

Example Use Cases

Transferring complex configurations, is a tedious and error prone work as the only Jira workflows can be transferred nowadays and those only semi-automatically. catworkx Configuration Importer for Jira helps you to...

  • ... transfer your Jira configuration items from a single custom field up to a whole project, fully automated.

  • ... merge multiple Jira instances.

  • ... transfer new configurations from "Development" to "Staging" or from "Staging" to "Live".

catworkx Configuration Importer for Jira has been checked and is known to work in Jira data center.

catworkx Configuration Importer for Jira is only available for customers that have a service contract with catworkx. For them it is free of charge.

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