There are a couple of different use cases this app can be utilized for:

  1. Generating a overview (HTML) page in Confluence for any given Jira project or all at once
    • Updating the above page in Confluence thus making it possible to compare versions
  2. Exporting a HTML page for any given Jira project or all at once, the latter does not produce really readable results though
    • Here the same templates may be used as applied during the export to Confluence
    • Different templates my give better output for simple HTML pages, though
  3. Export a CSV file containing one or all projects related information in a configurable format
    • The user may even choose what field separator to use or whether or not to quote field data
    • The user may even choose what exactly to export
    • All Jira projects will be written into a single large file making it possible to easily run assessments, analysis or reports
  4. Export a Excel workbook (in XLS od XLSX format) containing either:
    • One Jira projects related information
    • All Jira's projects related information, one sheet for each project
    • The user may even choose what exactly to export

All generated content is created by applying templates to the Jira projects data. These templates are stored inside Jira's SQL database an can be modified and extended to the users hearts content, even completely new templates can be created.

To use Teamworkx Configuration Publisher for Jira, you shoud read the following details: