Getting Started

The following steps have to be done usually just once.

You may retake them in case something does not work properly.

Step 1

Install the App (you may have already done this).

Details: Installation

Step 2

Create an Application Link from your Jira to your Confluence instance (if not already happened before).

Details: Create Application Link From Jira to Confluence

Step 3

Obtain a License if you do not already have done so.

Marketplace link: Teamworkx Configuration Publisher

Step 4

Import the initial set of templates.

Details: TWX Config Pub Template Import

Step 5

Select a project of your choice.

Go to the project admin section.

Scroll down to find "Publish Project Config ..."

This should take you here: Publish One Project

Step 6

Pick a, in the best case so far empty and dedicated, Page in a Space in Confluence.

Copy the URL, best use the "Tiny Link" from the "Page Information".

Select a Template and publish to the above URL.