Teamworkx Thunderbird Integration for Jira

Teamworkx Thunderbird Integration for Jira is is able to create Jira issues out of emails or add the content of an email as a comment on an issue. After the installation of the add-on, you need to set up the URL to Jira and the log in credentials in the preferences dialog of the Thunderbird extension. On a right click on an email you now will see two new items in the context menu: "Create a Jira Issue" and "Add as Jira comment". When you select one of them a new dialog window will open.

Thunderbird Integration for Jira works on Jira server and Jira cloud.

Thunderbird older than release 60.x are not supported in this release.

Please use Version for use with older Thunderbird versions. There will be no more update for the older version.

Thunderbird Integration is currently untested and unsupported for Jira Cloud.

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Supported LanguagesEN, DE
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